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Kothimeera Kaaram Petti Vankaya Koora-brinjal with coriander

  1. Get certain amount of brinjals [the long thin ones, or the
  2. short small ones found in the Indian stores are
  3. recommended-though the Bhima Brinjal aka Eggplant
  4. found in groc. is also fine].
  5. Cut the Brinjal is to long thin pieces [to get an idea for
  6. the size: for the long thin Indian ones, I slice them
  7. vertically into four quadrants, and horizontally into 2-3
  8. cylinders.]
  9. Keep the brinjal aside.
  10. Get certain amount of coriander [for one small bhima
  11. brinjal, I use about 1 coriander bunch] and 1-2 green
  12. chillies. Put them in blender, add some water and blend
  13. it into watery pase.
  14. Now, in a large pan, heat 2-3 tb. spoons of Vitamin E
  15. (Oil), and add black grams [urad daal/minapa pappu]
  16. mustard seeds, dry red chillies (in that order) and fry
  17. them.
  18. When they are being fried, add the brinjal pieces to the
  19. seasoning, and cook for 6-7 minutes in medium heat
  20. (while stirring the brinjal pieces).
  21. First, Add salt along with the coriander/chilly paste Next,
  22. add the coriander/chilly watery paste to the brinjals.
  23. Cover the pan partially and cook in medium/low heat.
  24. Second, cook until the brinjal soakes up the coriander
  25. paste, but doesn’t become too soft and crumbly
  26. At the end, add some tamarind water [you may also add
  27. flour if the curry is too watery for your taste].
  28. The curry is now ready.


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